Welcome… We are so glad that you chose to join us today at Foundation Worship! We are a new church in the Horizon West Community and a second location of First Baptist Church Winter Garden.

What to expect at Foundation Worship Service (9:45-11:15)

  • Know you are among family and friends
  • Casual setting in the gym of our HS, Foundation Academy
  • We serve coffee and donuts and meet around tables
  • Worship is contemporary; led by Worship Pastor, Jarian
  • Pastor, Tim Grosshans will come share God’s Word
  • A Table Host will facilitate discussion from the message.
  • Need a Bible or forgot yours, take one from the basket
  • The Bible App (free) message, scripture, announcements
  • Guests are encouraged to fill out the Information Card
    • It gives us a record of your attendance
    • Pastor Tim or Deb Terry may give you a call
    • You will receive a note from our staff
    • We pray for the needs of each prayer request

Why we meet at tables:

  • Creates a welcoming environment
  • Easy to meet new friends
  • Small group discussion after Pastor’s message

Which table should you sit at:

  • We connect you with folks in a similar stage of life
  • People aren’t assigned to tables
  • You can choose a table where you connect with others

What about giving an offering and sharing a prayer request:

  • Your gift today is your presence
  • Offerings /tithes can be done in one of the following ways:
    • We have giving kiosks in the foyer of the gym
    • Offering envelopes and the giving box are in the foyer of the gym
    • Prayer requests/back of Information card

We pray that you were encouraged today…that you met a new friend and we’ll see you again next Sunday. Please let us know if you have questions…. dterry@fbcwg.org